These are items that my friends and I use on our ATV Adventures. I'm not being paid to endorse any of these products. I'll give you my honest opinion on the items listed.

I'm going to be adding a lot reviews in the coming months.
External Battery Charger (AUKEY 20000mAh)
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If you're looking for an external battery pack to charge cell phones, tablets or other items this product is worth a look.
I bought it on for $37.99 Canadian. 

I connect my GoPro camera to it all day when I'm atving as I got annoyed with how fast the standard GoPro batteries die. There's no more having to carry around multiple batteries and switching them out during the day which is nice. It's the equivalent power of 16 GoPro batteries.

My niece has the same product and she carries it around in her backpack to charge her cell phone when the battery gets run down. You could charge an iPhone 7 about 6.5 times from this pack if it's fully charged.

I haven't timed it exactly but it takes about 12 hours or more to charge from dead. It's  a bit big at about 6"x3.5". A quick search on Google listed dozens of other battery packs in varying sizes and power capacity.

Overall, I highly recommend it.
Relatively inexpensive
Great battery storage
Two charging port
LED lights indicate remaining charge

Takes a long time to charge from dead
It's a bit big
Waterproof Phone Bag
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There are many types of these products out there to choose from. I bought mine from Amazon for $15.00 a few years ago. You can find them cheaper than that now.

These bags are completely waterproof and will allow you to  use the touch screen. I don't my phone in water with it but I use my phone as a GPS when ATVing in all kinds of weather.

My phone has never gotten wet even after the rest of me got soaked in heavy rain. They're a cheap investment for the protection they offer. It's stood up well over time and even after a few thousand kms of ATV riding there aren't any holes or tears in mine.

It offer virtually no protection if you drop it but you probably  have a protective phone case anyway.
Cheap to buy
100% waterproof

Shockproof iPad Case
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When I first bought this case in 2016 it was marketed as a children's waterproof iPad case. They don't market them as waterproof anymore because it's NOT. Perhaps water resistant would be a fair description. 

Sometimes I use my iPad as a backwoods GPS unit when I'm atving. I thought this would be perfect thing to protect it from rain, puddle splashes, dust and mud and it does for the most part.

One time I noticed a bit of water in the case after a long day of atving through heavy rain and after I hit some large puddles that caused a few huge splashes to hit it quite hard.

There wasn't a lot of water in the case and luckily it didn't damage anything. I took it apart later and dried everything, and put it back together. It can be a bit of a challenge to take apart and put together. Once it's on you're probably going to leave it on forever unless you get a bit of water in it like I did.

You can purchase waterproof bags for the iPad similar to the bag I reviewed above for my cell phone. Those types of bags are definitely waterproof but they don't offer any other protection in case of drops.

For the overall level of protection it provides it's a bargain.

Even though it's not 100% waterproof I'd recommend it to people for what I use it for. The case is made of a thick silicon material that feels like rubber. It's definitely tough.

The iPad came off the mount one time and banged around a bit inside the Side by Side before I stopped and it was fine. 

Reasonable Price
Tough as nails
Has a handy removable stand

Screen plastic cover makes touching the screen finicky sometimes
Not waterproof
ATV Tek UTV Mirror with
Vibration Isolator and Breakaway
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I replaced my ATV with a UTV last year and quickly realized  I needed side mirrors. I bought two from Amazon for $58.00 each. Initially I felt they were a bit expensive but now I feel it's a fair price because of how tough they are. I'll explain more about that below.

When I was trying to figure out which mirrors to get I definitely wanted the foldable type in case they got smacked by tree branches as we often ride tight trails. Well, they work. The machine I ride is pretty wide at over 62 inches so the mirros get hit a lot. 

I put them on when they arrived and it only took a few minutes. They come with rubber covered hose clamps that won't scratch the finish of your roll bars, so that's a nice touch.

During my annual week long ATV trip across Newfoundland this September both mirrors got hit pretty hard a few times by intruding alders when I was riding about 50-60 kmh.

I remember one particularly hard hit the driver side mirror took where I immediately thought the glass must have  broken. It folded in like it was supposed to so I couldn't tell at first but when I pulled the mirror back out to have a look,  it was fine. 

The arms pivot and are extendable and the mirror itself allows some rotation. The only drawback is they're a little narrower than I was hoping they would be.

They are not vibration proof but the anti-vibration isolator works fairly well.

My overall opinion - you can't go wrong with buying one or two of these mirrors.
Shipped quickly through Amazon
Install easily with only a screw driver
Anti-vibration isolator works well
Tough as nails

Quadrax Spare Tire Carrier
for Can-Am Commander/Maverick
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I saw a couple of guys at the Cape Breton Highland Quest  ATV Rally using these in 2016. I struck up a conversation with one of the fellas, Gary Fancy, and he told me where to find it online. Click the link below. 
  1. Commander 1000 XT
  2. Shown on a Maverick

ATV Tires Canada - Quadrax Spare Tire Carrier

A Google search displays several  websites that sell them online. Most other tire carriers connect to the dump box which interferes with storage and they don't for the use of a tonneau cover. I was able to install it myself but it definitely would have been easier with another person. People love the look of it and often ask where I bought it. 

All the mounting hardware required comes with it including two chrome lug nuts.
Shipped quickly
Ease of installation
Looks good
Doesn't intrude in the dump box

​Rear visibility through rear view mirror limited
The only drawback I've experienced is rear view visibility with my roll cage mounted rear view mirror. I took the mirror off because I have two side view mirrors and so far  I don't miss the rear view mirror. If you don't think you could live without a rear view mirror this product may not be for you.