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The ORIGINAL Crossing Newfoundland by ATV was a blog I started in 2011 because I enjoyed the trip so much I felt every person with an ATV and a sense of adventure would love it. So, I decided to spread the word by posting as much information as I could on how to do this amazing trip. I had no idea how much fun it would be and it quickly became a busy hobby. 

When I first started the original blog I had no clue if people would actually find it, let alone use it. As of October 2017 I'm happy to report the blog has almost 200,000 unique hits! Most people using it are from Canada and the USA but there are others from all over the world. 

I wish I knew how many hours I spent hand tracing the T'Railway in satellite view on Google Maps. The T'Railway  shows up on Google Maps now but it didn't back in 2011. Later, I started editing videos so people could get a real feel for the trail and scenery. That meant I needed aYouTube Channel. I called it EastCoast ATV because there are other videos there besides those from NL.


More recently I created a Facebook Page so I could update people immediately about trail issues that I heard about. The beauty of Facebook is that as soon as I post an update the people that liked the page get updated. It's also a great way for those who read the page to share information with each other about the trip!

Facebook - Crossing Newfoundland by ATV

I've answered countless questions for people through e-mail, phone calls, video conferencing, meeting in person and  public presentations. I love doing all of it. 

The many Thank You e-mails and phone calls I've received makes it all worth it.
In the beginning I used a free Blogger account when I started with a long web address www.newfoundlandtrailway.blogspot.com. I later changed the name to Crossing Newfoundland by ATV but couldn't change the blog address. I love using blogger but it has a few design limitiations that made me consider building a separate website. So, finally I did. 

I've taken the information from the blog and put it here, and more. I tried to organize it in a more useful manner. People were Googling Crossing Newfoundland By ATV to find the blog - so I bought that web address.
My hotmail address on the blog still works and I've created a new email address from this site as well.  
If you were a reader of the original blog I hope you like the new site. If you're new to the site I hope that you found it because you're thinking of doing the trip and I hope you do it!
about the trip
The ATV Trip of a Lifetime!
The Newfoundland T'Railway is an old railbed that can be ridden with an ATV or side by side. It's probably the most unique 883 kilometers (550 miles) of ATV trail anywhere and it spans one of the most scenic provinces in Canada. Newfoundlanders call it the T-RAIL. The Newfoundland ATV Trip packs in enough scenery to impress even the most enthusiastic ATV adventure seekers. Cliff-side ocean views, mountains, flat lands, rivers, lakes, beaches, waterfalls and wildlife are some of what you can expect to see from coast to coast.  If you enjoy ATV riding, beautiful scenery and incredibly friendly people... this trip is for you! 

If you want to know how to start planning a trip for yourself and your friends check out the PLANNING page. It will help you figure out what route to take, how many days to go for, and how much it will cost. If you follow any of the trips I've listed  you can expect to ride between 800 - 1250 km  depending on which one you choose.

Get a few friends together and do this trip. You won't regret it!

I know people from Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, BC, Maine, Ohio and other places that have done this trip because of the information on this site. You can do it too!

Be warned if you do this trip - you'll probably end up going more than once!

Everything you need to know is on this site - there's GPS Tracks, information on where to stay, where to get fuel and food, and too many other details to mention. A few people told me to warn others that this site can be a time killer. They visited with the intention to browse for a few minutes and ending up spending hours on it. Another person visited the YouTube channel and planned on watching a few minutes of video and ended up watching them for over an hour with his son. 

If you see pictures or videos with my friends and I in deep mud, water or other places that you feel may be a bit too challenging don't worry if that's not your riding style. ALL of those places were off the main trail. You can do this trip with very basic ATV skills.

Moosey the mascot 

One of a few inukshuk's we found

Why I created this Site
about me
In 2003 my future father-in-law and brother-in-law invited me to join them on an incredible outdoor adventure - Crossing Newfoundland by ATV! We did the trip on our own with virtually no prior information. We traveled the T'Railway the entire time and didn't do any extra exploring and had a fantastic time! We started on the West Coast in Port Aux Basques and went about half way around the province to Grand-Falls Windsor and returned to Port Aux Basques.  We didn't cover the whole island because we just didn't know how to back then.

A few years later I decided to do the trip again and I was determined to cross the whole island. I searched the World Wide Web looking for information but I couldn't find anything. I went anyway, figured it out on my own and went from Argentia to Port Aux Basques. Since then, I've done the trip several times and decided to post everything I learned online so other people like you could enjoy this amazing trip.  Since creating my original blog I also created a YouTube Channel and Facebook Page to share videos and up to date information on this trip. There are links to both below. I'm happy to say that many people have completed the trip because they found this information. 
You can also reach me through

I sincerely appreciate all the feedback people send.